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  The Merseyside Independent Business Awards (MIB) have announced their nominations for 2017 and the Baltic Triangle is strongly represented. The MIB Awards brings together independent businesses, and business leaders, from

The Baltic Triangle is home to a variety of events and is this city's fastest growing and most sensational area. LIV Organic & Natural Food Market has chosen to relocate to the

Threshold Festival kicks off in various locations around the Baltic Triangle today and one thing we're certainly looking forward to is the return of ‘Mad Pride’. Liverpool Mental Health

In the heart of the Baltic Triangle, Constellations hosted the inaugural voyage of Humanize, a meeting of minds, eager to combat and bring awareness to, the plight of Asylum

The Constellations Canopy bar on Greenland Street wins a contemporary design award at National Wood Awards 2015. Established in 1971, The Wood Awards recognises, encourages and promotes outstanding design, craftsmanship