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Health & Well-Being Festival coming to Hinterlands 1st March

A fantastic new Health & Well-Being event is coming to Hinterlands this Sunday 1st March in the guise of Eudaemonia Festival.

Eudaemonia (from Greek origin: the feeling of health & happiness) has been designed to showcase what Liverpool has to offer in terms of Health & Wellbeing. The festival is very family friendly and is designed for both adults and children and to give everyone an opportunity to explore healthier ways of living together.

Eudaemonia Festival will include stalls and information from all of Liverpool’s best practitioners including an array of healthy eateries, juices, hot drinks and plenty of products to purchase such as eco-friendly stalls, holistic products, handmade items, gym attire, organic skin products, organic CBD and plenty more.

The guys behind the festival hope to create a movement in which collaboration is encouraged so that one can attain a rounded and informative understanding of physical and mental health. The festival’s aim is to encourage all people to prioritise their health and well-being – hoping to highlight new and interesting areas for those already on the journey and also help people to start fresh on a healthier, happier way of life.

Limited tickets are still available and include workshops on yoga, meditation, and fitness. Children under 12 also have free entry.

We caught up with, Jack Smith – one of two brothers who have founded the Eudaemonia Festival. We talk about how they came up with the idea, why they chose to host it in the Baltic Triangle an discussed the health & well-being retreats that they run.

How did you come up with the idea of Eudaemonia and what were your motivations behind setting it up?

Our sister company Train Eat Educate delivers programs in schools and companies triangulating a system between Mental Health/Nutrition/Movement. The stats for the city regarding mental health and obesity are not great. We wanted to combine both adults and children to learn together. Trying to do this work alone was a mountain to climb, but synergising with other companies with the same mindset, it’s now a movement growing faster than we ever expected.

Who would benefit from attending the festival and what can they expect to experience on the day?

Everyone! No matter if you’re already a health guru to see an insight to more healthier parts of city or you’re just seeing what it’s all about. There is an array of workshops such as yoga, meditation, fitness and plenty of healthy eateries, drinks and snacks. Everyone can expect a lively, fun, educational day and leave feeling proud of what our city has to offer.

How important is prioritising mental well-being and how do you guys maintain your health?

We train/workout most days, mentally it’s one of the best things you can do – no matter what it is (walking/exercise/dancing) etc. Good food is an absolute priority, you eat good you feel good, as many whole foods fruit & vegetables as you can, everyday. And the last thing is we talk, we talk to each other, family, friends, you’re one conversation away from a better perspective, a happier mood.

You are showcasing at Hinterlands – why did you opt for this venue and what are your thoughts about the Baltic Triangle area.

The Baltic Triangle at the minute has to be the most vibrant place in Liverpool surely? And Hinterlands is so pretty, very natural and they were very supportive from the start.

Limited tickets still available for Eudaemonia Festival. Purchase yours HERE.

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