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Lyndsey MaCauley

Lyndsey advises on Education within the area and also Director of Enterprise for Northern Schools Trust and Liverpool Life Sciences UTC.

Tristan Brady Jacobs

Tristan Brady-Jacobs

Tristan is a local Artist and founder of Hobo-Kiosk and advises the board on art and culture.

Jo Mountford

Jo Mountfort – Director

Jo works as a business advisor for the Womens Organisation and keeps the board updated with funding and events.

Russell Gannon Baltic Triangle Marketing Director

Russell Gannon – Marketing Director

Russell’s role is communications and runs the area website and social media channels.

Mark Lawler - director

Mark Lawler – Director

Mark was one of the founders of the area company and has long been advocate for digital and creative businesses within Liverpool.

Liam Kelly Chair

Liam Kelly – Chair

Liam is Chair of the area company and also a director of Make Liverpool. He is also a board member of the LCR Digital and Creative board.