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Russell Gannon Baltic Triangle Marketing Director

Russell Gannon – Marketing Director

Russell is a freelance digital marketing expert and responisble to for the website content and social media activities. Russell also organises the areas networking events and helps new businesses who come into the area.

Tristan Brady Jacobs

Tristan Brady-Jacobs

Tristan is a local Artist and founder of Hobo-Kiosk and advises the board on art and culture. Tristan also produces social activities within area with the use of the Baltic Green.

Liam Kelly Chair

Liam Kelly – Chair

Liam is Chair of the area company and also a director of Make Liverpool. He is also a board member of the LCR Digital and Creative board.

Fiona Shaw - Board Director

Fiona Shaw – Board Director

Fiona is a successful entrepreneur and director of the award winning Wordscapes.

Nicola Wass Baltic Triangle

Nicola Wass – Board Director

Nicola is the CEO and founder of So-Mo and brings 20 years’ senior-level experience in behavioural change, public and
stakeholder engagement, and communications. She is known for her ability to challenge conventional thinking and for consistently finding innovative solutions to entrenched problems.

Mark Lawler - director

Mark Lawler – Director

Mark was one of the founders of the area company and has long been advocate for digital and creative businesses within Liverpool. Mark is also the managing director for Baltic Creative

Zoe Wallace

Zoe Wallace – Board Director

Zoe is a director with Agent Academy works alongside young people; supporting them to make the most of themselves and take every opportunity they get.