People dancing at music event at 24 Kitchen Street

24 Kitchen Street

24 Kitchen Street has quickly emerged as one of Liverpool’s leading mixed-use independent music and arts spaces. Regular club nights, poetry workshops and performance art events are hosted here, earning the venue a legendary status among the city’s creative community.

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Camp & Furnace

The refurbished 200-year-old warehouse space offers a creative haven for businesses, musicians, artists, photographers and more. At the heart of Liverpool’s creative hub, Elevator provides 35 standard sized offices and 18 full-floor studios in addition to state of the art rehearsal facilities for bands.

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Red Rum Club at the Picket


Formally the Picket, this venue has come a long way since The Who’s Pete Townsend opened the doors 26 years ago. This iconic venue has been embedded within the cultural landscape of city for over a quarter of a century, so just imagine the stories it could tell! Well, there’s more than one way in which you can get under the skin of this much loved music venue.

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view of outside area observatory of constellations benches


Constellations & The Observatory is an award winning, independently minded event space in the heart of the Baltic Triangle. The space, a regenerated warehouse and recycling yard. The result, an inspiring place to escape awhile under the sun and stars. All thoughtfully designed and curated for like minded people who share an interest in our great city’s rich arts and music scene.

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