As residents of the Baltic Triangle, we don’t just live here together; We thrive here together.

The Baltic Triangle Area Residents’ Community is a volunteer initiative, led by a group of local residents, which aims to empower members of our local community. We want to create a platform for bringing together the voices of our community and enabling tenants and home owners to play an active role in the development of our local area.

Our aims

We believe that our environment is enriched by the connections we share.

Therefore, the 3 primary aims of the Baltic Triangle Residents’ Community are:

  1. To connect members of our community together.
  2. To provide opportunities for creativity and collaboration.
  3. To enable local residents to have their say on the development of our area.

We are a strictly non-profit, resident-led group. We will only ever share non-profit, community led events and content which we believe adds value to our local area.

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