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Software and training company that teaches animal breeders to be come more responsible.

My Licensed Breeder Ltd is a reputable company that has developed the necessary tools, including easy to complete online paper work to support you when obtaining your breeding licence through the council or local authority.

Our tried and tested courses have resulted in a 100% licence success rate when using our online tools and policies.

FREE Online Record Keeping
Certification of attended course
FREE Policies
FREE Policy Controls
1:1 Advice

The course is designed to support all breeders as per DEFRA guidelines; from managing your animals to having litters and then going on to advertising them.

In addition to training, the team have now released online software to handle the breeding lifecycle. The Digital Pawprint helps breeders to with compliance to reach the highest standard licence through their local authority, totally FREE.

The Digital Pawprint also provides:

Breeding accountancy software with seemless a seemless payment gateway
Compliant reports with access for local authorities, vets and third parties.
AI Contract and Policy Assistance.

Find out more about dog breeding record keeping