The Tea Street Band returned this year with their critically acclaimed new record “Frequency”. Formed in 2010, the group was founded from members of local indie band The Maybes, who had at that

Liverpool band, Silent-K are described as “Progressive safari punk from Knowsley” and the group claim to bring “new music for a silent generation”. Talking to frontman and founder Chris Taylor (AKA The Pineapple

Bongo’s Bingo is proud to announce ‘Boyzlife’ as their St Patrick’s weekend performers. The boyband – consisting of Boyzone’s Keith Duffy and Westlife’s Brian McFadden – will be hitting the stage for four dates

PRIMARK choose the Red Brick Vintage and Hangar Market as a location for this years Christmas advert. The creative district is becoming the go-to spot for filming in Liverpool. The area's industrial style

Positive Vibration festival is going from strength to strength and this year’s event should be the biggest and best yet. The festival will coincide with the celebrations around 55 years of Jamaican independence and

After years of simmering with expectation Slow Readers Club are about to reach boiling point. The Manchester based four-piece are very much a part of the continuum of Manchester’s great bands and have

DMA’s have been compared with many of the great and good of British music – most notably, their sonic resemblance to the raw and provocative years of early Oasis. However, being from Australia

Even in its most cocksure and bombastic incarnation, the Britpop era never looked sustainable. From the wreckage of that bluster-fuelled juggernaut, only a select number were ever going survive the fall out. The Charlatans