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Baltic Calling: Artists needed for Street Art Project

Baltic Calling: Artists needed for Street Art Project

The Baltic Triangle has rapidly become the creative hub for Liverpool and is ever pushing the limits of art and design. Once derelict and forgotten, the buildings and warehouses are now a place of celebration and creativity; a mark on Liverpool’s history, imagination and it’s evolution. These buildings have a secretly rich history and an array of fascinating stories to tell.

Skin of the City

A brand-new project, Art in the Baltic has been created to give anyone with an artistic flair or a cool idea a chance to showcase their creativity on the streets of Liverpool. The first instalment of this ongoing project will be called Skin of the City in which chosen artists will be asked to work on a selection of 15 buildings based in the Baltic Triangle. The project is looking for artists to incorporate their artwork  with the history, occupants, contours and shapes that characterise some of the architecture in the area. But the ultimate goal for artists is to present a graphically strong piece of artwork that sparks conversation with the public.

wall painting


Hoping to be up by the end of September, the Baltic Triangle is looking for creative minds with a design (or design idea) that they would like to showcase for all to see. This is a great opportunity to get some exposure and to show the public your style, personality, connection to art and the city of Liverpool. The Skin of the City project wants you to inject even more life and creativity into the already colourful Baltic area.

The Exhibition

For 6 weeks only, your wacky, cool, meaningful, not so meaningful, or even downright strange designs will be printed onto a selected building in the Baltic area. The position of the design will be carefully thought out by the Skin of the City team to prevent weathering or damage and will proudly show your own personal take on the Baltic Triangle, its history and present-day incarnation.

What does this mean for the Artist

At the end of Skin of the City you will have a piece of personally owned artwork displayed on the streets of Liverpool and seen by hundreds of people. After the 6 weeks you could either keep your design for that perfect bedroom wall addition, or you could sell it. If you need help selling, just name your price and we’ll add it to our website!

After the success of the Paul Curtis Artwork. Our team of volunteers will also help raise the visibility of the person and work by profiling the participating artists for the area website and YouTube channels. We will also create a press release for local and national press along with professional photography.

another wall painting


Do you want to get Involved

If you want to get involved with Skin of the City and contribute an artwork then please email your name, link to previous work and any ideas you may have to Tristan Brady-Jacobs at trisbj@gmail.com.

*The Baltic Triangle Area CIC is a Community Interest Company that relies on donations and volunteers to create opportunities such as this. Donations are bit thin on the ground but area have a small team who dedicate their time and expertise to the community completely free.

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