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Baltic Triangle ‘Masterplan’ Approved for Public Consultation

Baltic Triangle ‘Masterplan’ Approved for Public Consultation

The Baltic Triangle ‘Masterplan’ has been approved at the recent Liverpool Council cabinet meeting and is set for public consultation beginning 17th February.

LDA Design, on behalf of Liverpool City Council, will hold an open consultation event on the 20th February 2020 at The Shed in the Baltic Creative on Jamaica Street (accessed from the Baltic Roastery) to launch a five week consultation on an SRF (Strategic Regeneration Framework) for the Baltic Triangle.

The SRF will guide the future growth of the area over the next 15 to 20 years. This is your chance to review the content of the SRF and discuss how the SRF will work with the team responsible for drafting the document.

The event will provide opportunities to make comments and ask questions between 11am – 7pm 20th Feb 2020.

What is an SRF?

A Strategic Regeneration Framework should clearly define plans for future development and investment by providing a robust evidence based document on which to plan future regeneration. The framework provides confidence and certainty to residents, stakeholders and investors by being clear about the councils ambitions, plans and vision for the area.

Why you need to get involved?

Over recent years, the Baltic Triangle has come under increasing pressure for development, specifically in the residential sector, notably for one and two bed apartments due to its close proximity to the city centre. This has provided growth to the area but some failed developments have left investors uneasy.

There are now a number of new developments in planning, with some developers taking advice from the Baltic Triangle Area CIC and providing multi-use buildings, embracing Agent of Change and championing the Digital & Creative Community.

In order to protect employment, support the growth of the digital and creative industries and ensure a sustainable mix of housing types and tenures, this is an opportunity to have your say in the public consultation.

The Baltic Triangle contains a number of key sites within the city centre and it is imperative that the City Council is able to effectively manage development to ensure it is of high quality, befitting of the place and contributes to the long-term sustainability of the city.

Where can you find the document.

There is a draft version available online here

About Russell Gannon

Marketing Director for Baltic Triangle Area CIC and Entrepreneur with businesses located in the Liverpool City Region

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