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Baltic Triangle train station moves one step closer

Baltic Triangle train station moves one step closer

Fantastic news for the Baltic Triangle area as the proposed St James train station re-development moves one step closer.

The Liverpool City Region have published their Combined Authority Transport Plan (CATP) which details a range of potential projects to improve the infrastructure and to meet the challenges and priorities for the city region over the next few years.

The Baltic Triangle CIC and organisations such as Baltic Creative, Make Liverpool and The Women’s Organisation have been huge advocates for the re-opening of St James station and have lobbied local and national government to look into the potential for its re-development.

The enormous benefits of a Baltic Triangle train station

With the continued social and economic growth of the Baltic Triangle, it has been clear that both the city region and the area would greatly benefit from improved transport infrastructure.

For those living and/or working in the Baltic Triangle, it is important to note that significant improvements have already been made. Increased bus schedules, more bus routes and safer road crossings have made the area much more accessible to the local population and for those visiting the city.

However, it has been understood for some time that the re-development of St James station was crucial to optimising the transport infrastructure in the Baltic Triangle. This has four major benefits i) it radically improves accessibility to the area ii) makes it more attractive to those wanting to visit iii) stimulates inward invest and iv) it is crucial to alleviating the strain on other transport hubs such as Liverpool Central station.

Supported by Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram

Liverpool Metro Mayor, Steve Rotheram has been a keen advocate for the Baltic Triangle’s development and is aware of some of the key challenges the area faces. Mayor Rotheram has welcomed the findings of the CATP and optimistic about what the St James station works would mean for the city region:

“The potential benefits of bringing St James station back in to use and the boost it could bring to the Baltic Triangle and the wider area have been recognised. That’s why it’s named in the new Combined Authority Transport Plan, as well as featuring in the long-standing Liverpool City Region long term rail strategy.

“Work is ongoing on the potential of a number of proposed new stations, including St James, to fully understand how they can support passenger and economic growth across the City Region. Understanding solutions to the capacity problems we have at Liverpool Central station is also a priority.

“The Combined Authority’s Transforming Cities Fund, which forms part of the Strategic Investment Fund, is the means through which the Combined Authority now co-ordinates investment in sustainable transport schemes across the city. With an estimated build cost of at least £50m, the St James scheme would have to demonstrate that it meets the fund’s criteria, provides good value for money and is deliverable, to be considered alongside or ahead of other proposed schemes.”

Progress welcomed by Baltic Triangle CIC

This is a significant step forward for those that have worked so hard to lobby for the station’s re-opening. The prospect of having a Baltic Triangle Station is now a very real possibility and opens up so many pathways for the area’s evolution and the sustainability of its development. Although there is a long way to go, the findings of the CATP has brought structure and credibility to this project. Baltic Triangle Area Director, Mark Lawler had this to say:

“This is fantastic news and a massive moment in the growth ambitions for the area. Baltic Triangle Area CIC has been lobbying for many years to see the reopening of the old St. James Station which closed over 100 years ago. The news today that Steve Rotherham’s Office support our ambitions for the new Baltic Triangle Station is such an important step forward for the area.

“We realise this is a big-ticket item and it will take a few years to materialise, but we’re delighted to get Liverpool City Region support. We all know the reopening of the Station will
be a catalyst for huge investment into the area and will massively improve sustainable transport options for local businesses and residents alike.”

As always, we will be bringing you updates as and when we have them so please keep posted for more news.

About Russell Gannon

Marketing Director for Baltic Triangle Area CIC and Entrepreneur with businesses located in the Liverpool City Region

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