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Cain’s Brewery Adds Dockleaf to its Ever-Growing Community

Dockleaf opening making a cocktail

The Baltic Triangle welcomed a few new additions this weekend, as the 150 year old Cains Brewery transformed from a desolate space in to an artisitic and stylish social hub.

Dockleaf in Cain's Brewery

The owners of Botanical Garden lauched their sister venue, ‘Dockleaf’ on Friday 30th June.

The new bar is particularly happy to accomodate big groups or those who prefer to escape the crowds of the city centre and opt for an easygoing bar in an open and quirky hang out decorated with exotic fresh plants and flowers.

The simple design of the airy space pulls eyes towards the colourful and floral bar and provides a laid back atmosphere.

A busy first night, patrons were enjoying the creative range of cocktails, varying from their own twist on the Pisco sour to a Pina Colada Old Fashioned.

Dockleaf opening

The DJ set the mood with sophisticated Samba style beats flowing out in to the Cains village enticing curious cats in for a beer on the patio.

The drinks menu includes an eclectic mix of American and European bottled beers and over twenty cocktails as well as an ‘ever changing’ wine list to keep the drinker on their toes.

Dockleaf does not currently serve food but as the bar is still in its infancy, that could soon change.

Inside Dockleaf

It is located beside Ryde, the coffeeshop that will readily fix your bike as you sip on espressos and across from the brand new, Baltic Market, showcasing live music and a rotation of food providers.

At the moment opening times will be 5pm until late Saturday & Sundays but they are subject to change.

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