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Episode 19: Dr Edward Lynch

Episode 19: Dr Edward Lynch

In this episode our hosts speak to Dr Edward Lych who has recently qualified to become a junior doctor at Whiston Hospital. Dr Lynch gives us his first-hand account of what it was like to be on the front line when the COVID outbreak first happened.

Having become viral on Linkedin for his informative vlogs in the first week of the crisis, we hear about the hospital’s reaction to the outbreak and the fight for better PPE to protect the staff.

There’s also some great insight into Dr Ed’s new venture, LYFE.

LYFE is a leading social enterprise for all things in the world of wellbeing and lifestyle medicine, making verified information accessible to all. The idea comes from a multitude of life experiences that included a friends suicide and Dr Lynch wanted to ensure that there was information for mental health that separates its-self from the pretenders.

The founders of the app wanted to provide users with medically backed information and activities in an online-sector that seems to be unregulated.

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