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Liv Lip Sync Battle raises the roof at Camp and Furness

Liv Lip Sync Battle raises the roof at Camp and Furness

As far as weird and wonderful charity events go, the Liverpool Lip Sync Battle at Camp and Furnace was without a doubt a Baltic Triangle first.

What is it all about

The event which was hosted by Woodlands Hospice to raise the much needed cash they need to continue doing great work with palliative care wasn’t just a first for the Baltic though; it was in fact a first for Liverpool as a whole. Never before has the city hosted a live battle as big as this and judging by the popularity of it on the night, it won’t be the last time either.

Based on the popular US TV show of the same name where A-List celebrities go head to head with one another in a show-stoppingly hilarious hairbrush-diva style battle (think Jimmy Fallon lip-syncing to Madonna’s Like A Prayer) the Liverpool Lip Sync Battle saw 10 acts step out of the confines of their shower cubicles, cast aside their imaginary mics, and take to the stage to dance and mime along to popular tracks competing for the coveted Gob on Legs Trophy.

Pauline Cox, Fundraising Events Manager for Woodlands came up with the idea of hosting a Lip Sync Battle and naturally Camp and Furnace was the first venue she thought of: “All the really successful huge events take place here don’t they; it’s just a fantastic venue and it’s got everything you need.

“We have events in other places and we have to hire in dance floors and lights, and this has already got everything.

“Ilan Sheady from Uncle Frank Productions who are based in Poto Studios in the Baltic even created our logo and animations for us. Everything is happening in the Baltic isn’t it!”

We went down with the cameras to check it out, film the event, and provide some well deserved support for Woodlands Hospice.

Who Took Part?

Local celebrities including Anfield Wrap’s John Gibbons, Made In Liverpool’s Ben Osu and Big Brother’s Rebeckah Vaughan provided the crowd with raunchy, risqué, sexy, and highly comical performances as they imitated pop acts such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce and MC Hammer; setting the excited crowd off and causing Camp and Furnace and the Baltic to vibrate under a roof of pop-star musical madness.

The Battle was hosted by The Guide Liverpool’s Jay Hynd, who said: “It’s the perfect venue for this really. For me The Baltic Triangle is where it’s at the moment, and new events like this for fantastic local charities, they should be in the Baltic.

“What a charity the Woodlands Hospice is too! I can’t wait to see John Gibbons as Taylor Swift and Ben Osu from Made in Liverpool dressed as Beyonce. It’s fantastic for Camp and Furnace and fantastic for the Baltic.”

What Happened?

All ten acts worked with Britain’s Got Talent’s MD Productions, whose students choreographed the dance routines and backed-up the lip-syncers to present some highly energised performances that saw the crowd taking to the table tops and bopping away in the aisles.

The crowd then voted for a winner through a text-style system with all proceeds generated from the text votes going straight to Woodlands Hospice.

Miguel Doforo from MD Productions told us: “It’s been amazing. The new students have been able to assist in choreography. It’s been great to see them come up with some concepts themselves and work with the artists.

“I think for the type of night we want, for the atmosphere, you know, the culture and the vibe down here it’s really a mixed bag; it’s all ages here tonight and for me, the Baltic Creative represents that; it’s a hub of great people, all entrepreneurial, and buzzin’, and a great energy.

“I think we’ll be needing to use the space for some of our MD shows now! It’s a great space!”

Stand-outs of the night for us were the Aintree Nurses and their rendition of Little Mix’s ‘Shout Out To My Ex’, and Richie Swan lip-syncing to Queen’s ‘I Want To Break Free’ before transforming into a leg-trembling performance of Right Said Fred’s ‘I’m Too Sexy’.

And the winner was….

Despite impressive performances from all involved it was the one and only John Gibbons from The Anfield Wrap who was crowned champion, giving Taylor Swift a run for her money in a fetching cheerleader-esque skirt and blonde wig combo.

And with over £10k already in the bag for Woodlands, future charity-style events, whether they be held at Camp and Furnace or elsewhere in the Baltic are sure to attract just as much attention.