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Melodic Distraction Radio Looking to go 24 Hours

Melodic Distraction HQ

Baltic Radio Station, Melodic Distraction are launching a Kickstarter to take your local radio station to 24 hours a day, and they want to celebrate it with you!

On Monday 9th July, at 20:00hrs on the dot, they will press a very large red button (move over Donald Trump) and officially launch their Kickstarter. And to celebrate they’re kicking things off with a huge launch party at Constellations. So pop on by and enjoy the music, food and fun.

Plus, they’re going to have some special *DEEJAYING* ack-shun too

BBQ feat. loads of salads.mp3
Big cake
Ping pong / Beer pong / Fruit juice pong
Dancing shoes mandatory
Children, pets and other +1’s welcome

This is where it all gets serious!

MDR has grown beyond their light-up child size booties and upgraded fully into their first pair of Clarks grown-up shoes.

They’re running a Kickstarter campaign to raise 10,000 schmackos; this will go towards that sweet, sweet infrastructure to help your local radio station run 24 hours a day, with a jam-packed radio schedule, a brand new website and a shiny mobile app. There’s going to be loads of boss rewards up for grabs for benefactors including; tees, totes, prints, radio workshops, slip mats, the chance to be immortalised in a brand-new street art piece in the Baltic and dinner with the iconic, Tom Lye… in Peru.

For updates follow the event on Facebook here

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