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Support that boosts business for Baltic businesses

Support that boosts business for Baltic businesses

It’s no secret that businesses in the Baltic Triangle are some of the most innovative and fastest growing in Liverpool.

You’re literally driving our start-up and scale-up economy. That’s incredibly important for the City Region and its economy as a whole, so we want to help you keep doing what you’re doing.

Here’s a quick pitch:

If you’ve got an innovative digital or creative idea, product or service, we can use emerging tech to help you get it off the ground, develop it and launch it through free expert support and the possibility of grant funding.

Business support is hardly the most electrifying of subjects. We like to think Activate is a bit different, though.

The low-down

We can help you work out if your idea for a product or service is going to make money, work out if it’s technically feasible and commercialise it. Or we can help you work out how to build your idea or an internal business technology a reality, test it and launch it.

We create bespoke plans of one-to-one support, workshops and grants depending on what you need. We use artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented realities, big, data open data, high-performance computing, cloud computing and cognitive computing to help your business.
The process

If you sign up for the Activate journey, we’ll work with you to identify what support you need and which of our partners will be able to help you. LJMU’s Business School and the Faculty of Engineering and Technology provides support for things like working with data, identifying patterns and trends, network and information security and computer games technology.

FACT provides support for visual content, video production, interactive media, immersive technology and design, as well as collaborative concept and ideas development, creative co-design opportunities and gaining access to creative communities, networks and facilities.

We can also help with business guidance for finance, management, HR and marketing and have a strategic partnership with The Hartree Centre, which is the UK’s foremost high-performance computing facility. Hartree can work with businesses to find how to make the most out of their data on an ongoing basis and use it to gain a competitive advantage.
You’re probably eligible

We can support any digital, creative or Createch projects within Liverpool City Region of Liverpool, Wirral, Sefton, Saint Helens, Knowsley or Halton if you employ fewer than 250 staff, your turnover is less than £44 million, you’re eligible.

In short: if you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance you can join the programme.

This is business support for digital and creative businesses or businesses working on digital and creative projects. It’s business support for Baltic businesses. Find out more on the Activate website, or give us a call: 0151 231 2337.

Written by Jonathon Clark
Jonny is the Business and Technology Manager for Activate.

About Russell Gannon

Marketing Director for Baltic Triangle Area CIC and Entrepreneur with businesses located in the Liverpool City Region