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The Women’s Organisation Celebrated its 21st Birthday

The Women’s Organisation Celebrated its 21st Birthday

The Women’s Organisation celebrated its 21st birthday with a fantastic collaboration with Dot-Art.

For over 10 years, Dot-Art has been bringing art and business together and now supports over 100 local artists.

Chief Executive of The Women’s Organisation, Maggie O’Carroll, was greeted by more than 80 women to celebrate the day.

The WO is one of few organisations for women that has survived for 21 years and it has not been plain sailing or the easiest of things to keep up.

Maggie said: “Today we are joined by some very old friends and some very new friends, but you are all very special friends.

“We really value you, and from across all sectors, we appreciate all of your support because it enables us to continue our work.

“Each one of you, we know you, we appreciate you and we thank you.”



The WO – which was established in 1996 – is based in our city’s thriving quarter, the Baltic Triangle.

The day included arrival drinks, a warm welcome from CEO Maggie O’Carroll, a speech by Dot-Art’s Lucy Byrne and then finally, the exhibition opened.

The exhibition showcased creative artwork by two female artists, Joanne Thompson and Olga Snell.



The WO was set up due to the lack of opportunities for women in the business industry and also in response to the social and economic disadvantage that women still experience today.

It is now the largest developer and deliverer of training and support for women with over 50,000 females benefitting from the astonishing work they do.

They offer women from around the UK to access funding, facilities, experience and expertise needed to succeed.

Clare and Rhiannon, who came along to the event, said: “You know if you ask a question and somebody can answer it or help, they always will and it’s that kind of ethos.

“It’s not about competing, it’s about working together and helping people to get started.

“It’s a real testament to Maggie actually because she has such tenacity, she won’t let it go and will always speak up and you need people like that – you can’t do without them.”

In the 21st Century, women are still deprived of equal rights in the business industry such as the gender pay gap.

Although there has been significant progress in terms of women’s economic development and gender equality, much more needs to be done.

Maggie added: “We are not anti middle-aged men, but it is a problem when the only voice heard is that.

“We need more women in higher positions because we have the right.

“In terms of the organisation and what it’s done, we are simply responding to something that is desperately needed.”

maggie speaking


Maggie then ended the speech by saying: “I want to let all girls know that it is possible and you can act as a role model too.

“The glass ceiling doesn’t just need to be broken, it needs to be smashed.”

The art sourced from Joanne Thompson and Olga Snell will be on display for the duration of 18 months throughout The Women’s Organisation, 54 St James Street.




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