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Baltic Triangle Create New Vision Manifesto for the Community

Baltic Triangle Create New Vision Manifesto for the Community

It has been ten years since the inception of the Baltic Triangle project and six years since our first vision manifesto – a detailed and ambitious document which sought to set out the possibilities for the future of the area and bring people and organisations together to achieve those objectives.

Last year, we commissioned another area manifesto to record all of the progress that has been made in the last decade. We also saw this as an opportunity to re-state our commitment to the area’s development, the challenges it faces and to create a vision for what is possible in the decade to come.

This manifesto seeks to road-map the evolution of the Baltic Triangle area in order to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead. This document celebrates what’s come and gone, and all the things that lay ahead. However, as the Baltic moves onto its next chapter, so too does the Baltic Triangle Area CIC.

Through this renewed vision, the Baltic Triangle Area CIC will focus the journey ahead on four key values; people, place, content and collaboration. We shall continue to work towards a harmonious growth which is true to the creative and independent identity of the area.

We will work to improve the public space, facilitate more quality developments, provide room to sit, meet and eat and to improve the services and safety for people, shops, cafes, signage and green space.

Download the Baltic Vision Manifesto

An incredible decade

A truly ‘rags to riches tale’. The area is multi-faceted in so many ways and has become synonymous with economic growth (particularly in the tech, design and creative industries), arts and culture, music festivals, café culture, leisure and tourism, street art and gallery space as well as a varied food and drink offer.

This is by no means an accident and it is a testament to all of the people who have contributed so much to the area. The Baltic Triangle has been fortunate to have attracted so many industrious and creative pioneers. People who have taken risks and been brave enough to start businesses, renovate Victorian warehouses, trial shared ownership models and reach new audiences across the region. It’s clear that the whole city is reaping the dividends for all their hard work which has been achieved through innovation, ingenuity and no small measure of bravery.

It is those people who built a now unique and global destination. The Baltic Triangle has emerged as more than just a cluster of activity. It has become the epicentre of Liverpool’s social, cultural and economic renaissance and central to the city’s place in the fourth industrial revolution.

Whats next for the Baltic Triangle

As of 2019 the Baltic Triangle has abundant space to grow – whether that’s new spaces to open, existing spaces to be reused in new and unimaginable ways, new types of businesses to open, new people living here or new events and happenings. Despite the area’s rich history, it still feels as if we’re all just getting started here. That’s why the people love being here.

We’re helping to shape a constantly-evolving place in our own ways, using our manifesto as a guide

The Baltic Triangle is a work in progress and successful regeneration comes from realising a collective vision, with strong relationships between local government, developers, designers and stakeholders. The creative and digital sector has influenced how investment and development is delivered in the Baltic. This cluster, the second fastest growing tech sector in the UK, is being served by developers, architects and designers who understand the sector’s value to the city.

Clearly, there is still space to grow, new people to come here, new investments to be made and new things to happen.

What’s next? Despite all the achievements to date, maintaining the momentum of development and increasing the critical mass of people, living, work and visiting the area is essential to guarantee the Baltic Triangle’s long-term success.

Following our first area wide census, we have been able to focus in on what’s important to the area’s stakeholders. We’ll work with whoever shares those values and be informed by stakeholders throughout. The new Baltic Triangle Area Company Vision Manifesto is now available to read here.

Please feel free to come back to us with any feedback you may have.

Let’s see what the next ten years of The Baltic Triangle looks like.

About Russell Gannon

Marketing Director for Baltic Triangle Area CIC and Entrepreneur with businesses located in the Liverpool City Region