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Women Making Waves in the Baltic

Women Making Waves in the Baltic

When it comes to women starting out in business on their own, the main obstacle they face, time after time, more than men, more than finance, more than any lack of support, is themselves.

After chatting to a multitude of amazing business women, who are making waves in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, the message is clear – women can achieve their goals, they can be successful, they just need to believe in themselves.

100 years after getting the vote and on International Women’s Day, perhaps it’s time we focused on supporting each other in business, sharing our experiences and advice, and working towards equality in the workplace, in the boardroom and in opportunities in business.

The Baltic Triangle is a perfect example of how a 50/50 split in the board is working, and working well. It’s believed to be the reason why there are more women business owners based in the Baltic area than in the country as a whole. Plus the support of The Women’s Organisation, provides even more possibilities for success in business for women in the area.

This film is a showcase of support for women out there who are considering launching their own business. It’s an example of the fine work that women can do and demonstrates that with drive and determination, courage and tenacity, plus the right support, women can make waves in business not just here in the Baltic, but anywhere they want.