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Baltic Triangle becomes home to a 10GB Independent Internet Connection

Baltic Triangle becomes home to a 10GB Independent Internet Connection

Businesses in Merseyside will now be able to achieve significantly faster broadband speeds thanks to a unique partnership in the City’s Tech Quarter.

IX Liverpool and Baltic Broadband have collaborated to install a 10GB Internet connection into the Baltic Triangle and as such are able to offer businesses the fastest speeds available in Merseyside at highly competitive rates.

Often known as an Internet exchange or Internet exchange point, it allows Internet service providers (ISPs) and content delivery networks (CDNs) exchange Internet traffic between their networks.

Whats all the fuss about?

Businesses in the city region have long complained about the relatively slow broadband speeds compared to other parts of the UK and this new development puts Liverpool on an equal footing with London, Cardiff and Manchester.

One benefit is that the City Region will not have to rely on long distance connections which will create faster broadband speeds for the area.

Internet Exchanges also help content delivery networks (CDNs) exchange Internet traffic between their networks. For example Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and BBC iplayer keep content local to the region: so when we watch a YouTube Video, a Netflix film, or even access Facebook, the content will be served out of the Liverpool exchange to keep it fast and reliable.

Who is IX Liverpool?

IX Liverpool is a not for profit Internet Exchange company whose main aim is rebuild the Internet here in the Liverpool City Region. IX is founded on the principles of a collaborative and co-operative organisation.

IX Liverpool has been supported by more than £40,000 of donations from the local digital community to help to make internet connectivity faster, most cost effective and of higher quality.

Local businessman Prof. Matt Wilson and Chair of IX Liverpool and says,

”We’ve been concerned for some time about top quality connectivity in the Liverpool City Region and so we’ve decided to DO something about it.

“We haven’t received a penny of public money from the Government or the EU but we’ve had great support from the digital business community and we’re going from strength to strength.

“Hopefully we can help to attract more digital companies to come to Merseyside and create more jobs and investment in our future.

“The Liverpool Internet Exchange, which is based in the Baltic Triangle, can’t exist without the support of commercial providers like Baltic Broadband and other Internet Service Providers who work together to make the internet better for everyone.

“Already, lots of businesses have been in touch and it’d be great to hear from more – we’re always ready to listen and we need as many ambitious and forward-thinking entrepreneurs as possible to get in touch so that the momentum continues.

You don’t need to be part of the Baltic Triangle either to take advantage of this new opportunity.”

Where is the city’s Internet Exchange point?

The first part of Liverpool’s Internet Exchange has been built at Baltic Creative’s campus located within the Baltic Triangle and is featured in the region’s published Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy.

What’s the next stage?

IX Liverpool are working with Liverpool and Wirral councils in order to expand the coverage of the exchange to other parts of the region beyond the city of Liverpool.

The partnership also plans to enable entire buildings that serve multiple businesses with 1GB connectivity through a groundbreaking scheme aimed at landlords, called Baltic Broadband Enabled Buildings (B-BEB).

B-BEB will allow landlords to attract high quality tenants by offering them exceptionally fast internet speeds that are available from the day they move in thanks to a 60 second signup process.

Importantly, IX Liverpool is also the first Internet Exchange in the UK to host a separate network dedicated for the Internet of Things – a unique selling point for the area.

How do we get access to high speed broadband?

You can contact Baltic Broadband . They are an independent network and local internet registry, it has infrastructure throughout the UK and terminates Internet traffic in London Telehouse, Manchester Equinix and now in IX Liverpool – ensuring high quality & low latency routes, resulting in great quality connections for businesses.

About Russell Gannon

Marketing Director for Baltic Triangle Area CIC and Entrepreneur with businesses located in the Liverpool City Region