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Interview: B*Witched – Back at Bongos Bingo

Interview: B*Witched – Back at Bongos Bingo

B*Witched are returning to Liverpool for three nights on 17th March to play at Bongo’s Bingo. The Irish girlband are taking over St Patrick’s weekend in the Baltic Triangle, performing some of their top hits.

Bongo’s Bingo – which started over two years ago in Camp and Furnace – is now one of the UK’s favourite nights out. Furthermore, it is also a huge hit overseas – taking place in locations as far afield as Dubai and Australia.

Not only do you get to enjoy the bingo rave, but you get the chance to win the most bizarre prizes if you succeed in getting one or two lines or even a full house. Prizes include things you wouldn’t normally buy (but, strangely enough) may find you need – historically these have ranged from vintage Porsches to mobility scooters!

The next Bongos event will host B*Witched and promises to be a highly enjoyable homage to the pop scene at the turn of the Millennium. The Irish four-piece enjoyed enormous success between 1997 and 2002 and were the youngest ever girl group to reach number one in the UK pop charts. We caught up with founding member, Edele Lynch to discuss their return to Bongos Bingo, their thoughts on the event’s continued growth and success, the joys of reforming and the reason they love the city of Liverpool.

Q: Are you excited about spending St Patrick’s Day in Liverpool?

Yes because I think the Liverpudlians celebrate Paddy’s Day almost like we do at home and you all go crazy for it too.

Q: How will you be celebrating?

Well, we are working actually and playing at Bongo’s Bingo but we’re also doing a couple of other venues over the three days on the 15th, 16th and 17th. We’re kind of between Preston, Blackpool and Liverpool so, we are pretty busy this year so there probably won’t be much Leprechaun left for me!

Q: What can fans expect to see at the shows?

Well, what we always promise is a good time! It kind of brings you back, a bit of nostalgia, bit of our new stuff and we always put on a good show so you’ll have a good laugh watching us. And for Bongo’s Bingo, I think everybody knows what it is and it’s just a crazy, crazy night so big celebrations!

Q. You were a part of ITV2’s ‘The Big Reunion’ in 2013, so what is it like being back together with the girls’ again?

It’s actually really nice because I suppose years ago we kind of had the pressure of the press and the chart positions etcetera but, now it’s just really that we come back together to play shows and have a bit of fun and we always have a laugh together. Putting on shows is what we do well so there’s no pressure it’s all just fun times. Also, back then we were kind of learning as well and now we know exactly what we are doing. Total professionals I’d say haha!

Q. What is your favourite song to perform?

I have two. One of them is ‘Blame it on the Weatherman’ because it is one my favourites and I sort of get a moment to take it all in at that point and I love it. The other one, for some reason, is ‘Jesse Hold On’. I don’t know why but it’s been one of my favourites this past year. ‘C’est La Vie’ is not necessarily one of my favourites to perform but just seeing the reaction from the crowd is a particular moment that is just so nice to see. It is 100% the fans favourite song.

Q. What would you say is your favourite thing about Scousers?

Oh definitely sarcasm. We are sarcastic as well and I always find that when you travel to England, not everybody gets it but scousers do and you never have to say “I’m only joking” because you always just get it!

Q. Have you ever experienced a night at Bongo’s Bingo before?

We’ve played at Bongo’s Bingo for a couple of years now but, we’ve never sat down and actually played bingo or anything but sitting back and watching it is just crazy. One minute everybody’s kind of sitting down, playing bingo very seriously and the next minute they’re all dancing and jumping on the tables raving! It’s kind of surreal watching it. A couple of my friends are coming and one of them said: “Yeah, we’re just going to have a quiet night”. And I just replied laughing like: “I’m sorry, but do you actually know what this is? It’s not going to be a quiet night at all!”

Q. What makes you and the girls want to return to Bongo’s Bingo every year?

It’s just always a good celebration with them and we seem to go well with that time of year, it just works for us and it works for them so it makes it better. We always look forward to Paddy’s weekend just to catch up, have a good time and celebrate the Irish. Obviously, Paddy’ Day isn’t celebrated everywhere in the UK but that’s why it’s nice to come to Liverpool and perform and celebrate at the same time. I think there’s a lot of Irish in the scousers. We are forever interlinked!

B*Witched are heading to Liverpool to spend the 15th, 16th and 17th March partying with fans. If you were luck enough to get tickets to one of the shows, doors open at 6pm and the show starts at 8pm.For more information, head here to Bongos Bingo.

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